Curriculum & Teaching

We use a variety of teaching methods, and we emphasise on the element of free exploration in our games, which are designed to cater to our students’ life experiences, interests, and abilities. This methodology enhances our children’s interest in learning, while stimulating their multiple intelligences.                                             


Using picture books as a key teaching element, we have designed different learning activities to enhance our students’ language ability and their nine generic skills. We have further integrated picture books as a learning tool by participating in and promoting the “幼兒創意綜合藝術計劃” programme, which incorporates visual, physical and musical artistic elements into our picture book teaching sessions. This enhances our teachers’ professional abilities in integrated arts teaching and establishes an all-around, creative, school-based integrated arts curriculum. The methodology and programme can systematically and effectively stimulate children’s creative education and nurture their creativity.


In addition, our school actively implements the “組織科學探究遊戲” activity, which bridges themes from our daily life into science exploration and experimental games. By allowing children to learn through exploration and experimentation, the scientific knowledge acquired helps to enhance children’s thinking and problem-solving abilities, and encouraging them to stay curious.

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