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Caring for children with special needs is not a psychological stress for parents to ignore

Written by: Family Dynamics Counseling Psychologist              Shelly Mok Fai is a boy who is very good at drawing. He likes to draw his own comic characters, but all his characters do not have eyes, ears, mouth and nose. All of his characters, male or female, with long or short hair, have thick hair covering their ears and foreheads. These characters are like a mirror, reflecting his inner world. He does not want to communicate with others in depth, but just wants to do what he likes quietly. When I first invited him to introduce his comic book protagonists, he said that his characters do not have mouths because no matter what they say, no one

Children wet the bed at night, but cannot control themselves.

Written by Chinese Doctor Yiu Yee Chiu Every parent wants their child to develop well and quickly, not to lag behind, if not to be better than others. In medicine, there is a condition between “disease” and “physiology” that both parents and children find very disturbing. This is “nocturnal enuresis in children”. Nocturnal enuresis is a stage of physiological development, but it is a problem if a child is still unable to control his or her urination and wets the bed after the age of 5. Nocturnal enuresis in children can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. The former is a pathological cause, such as spina bifida, or developmental delay. In the case of

How to choose the right multimedia e-learning product?

Written by: Director of Program Development, Carmen Leung There is a wide range of teaching animations or online children’s programs for parents to choose from, but many parents ask: “Are these animations and applications good or bad for children’s learning? There are some points to note when using multimedia electronic products for children’s learning, including the age of children and remembering not to rely solely on electronic learning modes. Now let me go on to explain the other points that should be noted. How to choose the right multimedia electronic learning product? ●       It is best if the product does not have non-learning components that children can download or open on their own. For example, if a child is

Children misuse drugs to cause poisoning?

Written by : Dr. Chiu Cheung Shing During the epidemic, many parents are stocking up on medication at home, fearing that their family members or children will be infected and unable to go out to buy medication. However, if the medication is not stored properly, it is possible for children to be poisoned by taking the medication by mistake. A parent asked me, ” I have a friend’s child once took the medicine by himself and it caused poisoning, it’s terrible! What should parents do if their children are unfortunately poisoned by drugs? “ In fact, the most common route of poisoning for children is through the mouth, but some are through the respiratory tract, skin

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